PeeWee (Ages 11 – 12 years)

Spring NFL Flag Football

Our NFL Flag Football teams are open to all players based on age, regardless of gender, experience. Players practice footwork, eye-hand coordination, catching, throwing and other techniques during their weekly practices, and they test those skills on weekend game days. These athletes learn the fundamentals of football movement, terminology, routes and more while learning to work in unison. Our Novice Flag program is designed to develop skills, provide a basic understanding of football terminology, and will allow players to expand their skills. Our flag program is designed to benefit athletes that are interested in moving into tackle football, as well as for those that prefer non-contact.

Practices begin mid April, games begin the first weekend in May and wrap up mid June.

Fall Tackle Football

9-A-Side Tackle Format

The Peewee program is designed to introduce players to the strategy, and teamwork involved in Canadian football.  Practice continues to focus on skills, safe tackling, technique and fitness.  As the season progresses, more emphasis is placed on learning the team Playbook (both Offensive Plays and Defensive Plays) and a great deal of vocabulary is introduced.  There is an even focus on player development vs. competitiveness at the Peewee level.

Peewees experience a much faster game with more thinking required by players on the field, and practice is designed to provide players with the ability to make these decisions on the field.  Special Teams are introduced at the Peewee level.  Coaches will often adjust positions and play time based on such factors like body size and maturity to maintain player safety at all times. 

Practices are typically from 6pm to 8pm Tuesdays and Thursdays starting August 1. Games are always held on the weekends, starting the third weekend in August, and may include long weekends. Season and playoffs go into in November. Games are played against teams in the Capital District Minor Football Association region. 

Pre-season practices are in June. There is NO football at any of our levels in July – Enjoy the summer.

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