Volunteer & Fundraising Requirements


Every player (parent/guadian) is responsible for selling 1 Raffle Ticket Book . Each book is worth $100 and must be paid for up front to receive the tickets. It is your responsibility to return the stubs for the draw. Players will not be allowed to participate in Season until Raffle tickets are paid for.

Depending on registration numbers, there will be extra ticket books to sell, if you are willing to sell extra to help the club, please speak to the Fundraising Director.


Participate in the Fall Bottle Drive; OR another fundraising opportunity should there be another option as put forth by the Board.

*The Spring Bottle Drive is expected to be completed by those participating in Spring Camp.

Volunteer Commitment

*An online volunteer sign up will be available soon. Registered players will be notified when jobs are open.

VOLUNTEER requirements are as follows:

Home Game Jobs

Complete a *minimum of two (2) jobs for each registered player.

Once we receive the schedule from the CDMFA, the team manager will make a request for volunteers.

*This minimum is subject to change based on schedule and registration numbers.

  1. 50/50 ticket sales (2 per game)
  2. Concession (Up to 4 per game depending on type of concession (BBQ vs Basics.) This can possibly be done during another levels game to allow you to watch your child play.
  3. Sticks (chain gang) (3 per game)
  4. Announcing (1 per game
  5. Scorekeeping (1 per game)
  6. Minor Football Day – various


  1. Provide team snack for a game. (Half time or after game, depends on team)


Club Jobs

Complete 1 job from the following options (not limited):

  1. AGM/Banquet Committee (Up to 6 individuals)
  2. Jersey Keeper (1 per team) and only require 1 job from #1 Home Game Jobs
  3. Water Bottles (1 per team) and only require 1 job from #1 Home Game Jobs
  4. Off season equipment maintenance (Up to 2 individuals)
  5. Clubhouse cleaning (2 individuals)
  6. Player or parent participation in various extra events or fundraising opportunities that present themselves throughout the year, at the discretion of the board. (Packing groceries, volunteering at Jaywalkers booth etc.)
  7. Complete two (2) additional jobs as listed under #1 Home Game Jobs.


If your team makes the playoffs, every player is responsible for 1 more job.

Please note: Every player’s parent or guardian shall provide an UNDATED $200 cheque as a deposit and commit to various jobs as described below. These cheques will be returned at the end of season (At AGM/Banquet) provided the requirements have been met. If requirements are not fulfilled, the CBFA will deposit the cheque.

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